Software Maintenance

Latest Release: v2.9.2 - Build 109 - December 12, 2017

Version 1.96 - October 27, 2014

ENHANCED: Centerline Calculation Engine is Improved for Imprecise Solid Model Surfaces

VTube-STEP has been going through calculation engine improvements in the last few versions - because customers continue to share model examples with us that have surfaces that are less than the normal precision.

So this version has another breakthrough in centerline calculation.  

The engine also improves on tubes with end cuts that aren't perpendicular to the axis of the tube straight at the ends (like for coping).

Our research shows that these two new rules (described on the right) ensure centerline vector direction accuracy.

Two new rules are in place in the math engine:

1 - The final two projected points to the centerline must be at least 0.001" apart (0.025mm), or VTube will automatically increase the projection tolerance and try the projection again.  

2 - Now VTube requires that more surface points must qualify for projection to the centerline than in previous versions - or VTube will increase the projection tolerance and try again.

ENHANCED: Point Labels Draw More Efficiently

The point labels and end labels now draw more efficiently than before in both VTube-LASER and VTube-STEP modes.  

Now they draw only after the orbit pauses.  This makes orbiting much faster.

Also, the label redraw logic was fixed during part load so that the user no longer has to manually redraw the part to fix the label positions.

UPDATED: Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish Translations Updated

All the language files are updated for VTube.

This update includes the new button hints for buttons that have no captions.

The German translated words and phrases for the toolbar buttons are too wide - so now only the German hints for thoses buttons display.

Hints appear when the mouse is paused over a button with hints enabled.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • The installation program now defaults to installing the Windows version of open dialog rather than the Quick Load dialogs.  Most customers prefer the Windows dialog.  (The Quick Load was designed for the shop floor environment.)

  • The VTube user interface has a slightly updated look to the controls.

  • Components would not display the new language loaded until after VTube was restarted. This has been fixed.


  • Download VTube-STEP version 1.96 setup file

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