Software Maintenance

Latest Release: v2.9.2 - Build 109 - December 12, 2017

Version 1.81.5 - April 2, 2013

New for 1.81.5

  • FIX: Point Label Balloons
    We discovered a problem with the new point label balloon ERASE and REFRESH in v1.81.4.  This version fixes that problem.

  • ENHANCED: Language Editor
    The Language Editor has been updated with some powerful new features that make it much easier to use for translators.

    Password Note:
    The installation password for versions 1.81.5 remains the same as the password in v1.81.4.

See the knowledgebase page for details.

  • Download the FULL INSTALL VTube-STEP version 1.81.5 setup file.
  • Download the VTube-STEP Manual file version 1.78 (zip).