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"The UTE XML file import works like a charm and imports perfectly. Thanks for a great product. We will be adding another machine soon, and I plan on using your products. Thanks again."

Nicholas Snowdon, Manufacturing Support Specialist, BAUER COMPRESSORS, INC.

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Current Release:
Version 2.9
November 1
, 2017


Integrated Measuring Center

Click below to see information on the VTUBE-iMC with ROMER Absolute Arms with Laser Scanners.

Click on the image to download a VTube-STEP datatsheet.

Other Features
Import TubeCalc Projects
Import Supravision Projects
Save Supravision Files
Reverse calculate from Bender to XYZ
Set transparency to see inside the model
Create master data for VTube-LASER (The STEP license is included in LASER.)
Export STEP model files
Calculate Cut Length with a tube elongation % value
Reverse XYZ Data
Show End Labels
Add new report templates
Unbend With Components

See Wikipedia Model-based definition for more infornation on MBD.

VTube-STEP Reseller List

  • SMT Industries

  • Horn Machine Tools

  • Eaton Leonard

  • UTE

  • Pines Technology

  • Tube Form Solutions

  • Unison Ltd.

  • SMI

  • VTube Quick-Start

    Click on the image to download a VTube-STEP Quick-Start Guide.

    Advanced Tubular Technologies, Inc.

    for tube fabricators
    to solid model data

    Extract Cylindrical or Rectangular Tube Data Centerline
    from any
    Solid Model
    STEP or IGES File

    The new trend in data transfer is Model-based Defintion (MBD) . MBD uses solid models to transfer data between customers and vendors - and it is the new standard in the industry that is here to stay.

    VTube-STEP is the tool that lets tube fabricators take advantage of using MBD from generic solid model data. (Read the details of the benefits of MDB in the VTube knowledgebase.)

    The New ASSEMBLY Feature is HERE!

    (Version 2.9, November 1, 2017)

    How the Assembly Control Feature Works

    Import/Convert Multiple Supravision Files At One Time


    Build Solid Models from XYZ Data
    VTube builds new models from XYZ data that can used to build reports or exported as STEP files for transfer to other solid model programs like SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Pro/E, CATIA, etc.

    VTube Model Build

    click the image for a closeup

    Build Rectangular Parts
    VTube handles rectangular tube shapes.  Click on the image below to see a closeup of the Part Setup menu on the left that shows the controls for the rectangular tube shape.

    VTube Model Build

    click the image for a closeup

    Send Reports to Excel
    You can send any report to Microsoft Excel to access and manipulate the data in any report.

    click the image for a closeup

    Easy to Turn Solid Into Centerline
    VTube is designed to take in generic data and then allow you to find the tube shape from that data. You collect the geometry for each straight by selecting it, then press "Calculate XYZ Data", and the math engine does the rest.

    click the image for a closeup

    Unbend with Components
    VTube can unbend any bend and include the selected components in the transformation.  All unbending includes tube elongation compensation:

    Unbend Tubes with Components Image

    click the image for a closeup of the User Interface with descriptions

    Automatically Build SolidWorks Tubes
    VTube can build SolidWorks tubes automatically.  (Tested in v2011, v2012, and v2013).  Build a tube on the screen, then press the SolidWorks button to allow VTube to create the tube in SolidWorks.

    Send To Bender

    click the image for a closeup

    Extend an End Point
    with VTube to any solid model entity.
    The VTube END TRIM feature allows you to extend the end point of the tube to any trim surface or point.

    click the image for a closeup

    Save Bender Data or
    Send Data to the Bender

    VTube saves bender data in the Supravision format. It can even send data directly to your bender using the well-known SVNET protocol. If your bender does not use that protocol, then we have other Benderlink modules that can get your data there.

    Send To Bender

    click the image for a closeup

    Configurable Reports
    Since VTube uses HTML-based templates, you can create custom reports to display exactly as you want them to. Since the report is HTML-based, you could even put the report on the web. Click here to see a report generated by VTube.

    click on the image to see an actual web page with a report

    Extract Tubes from Assembly
    Import entire assemblies and extract tube shapes to send to tube benders.

    click the image for a closeup (note: image from, designer: Silvio)

    click the image for a closeup