Software Maintenance

Latest Release: v2.9.2 - Build 109 - December 12, 2017

1.93 - July 21, 2014

Check.jpg NEW: Import CSM M3 Bender Files

VTube-STEP can now import CSM M3 bender files.

  • Import the centerline XYZ data.
  • Or import the YBC data.

Check.jpg NEW: Added the End A and End B Diameter Values in STEP Mode Part Setup

The End A and End B diameters were only in VTube-LASER. Now they are in VTube-STEP in order to allow users to control the data when outputting data to a Supravision file in VTube-STEP.

The two values are placed immediately after the Diameter field.

Check.jpg NEW: Automatic Set of End Diameters When Calculating Centerlines

The end diameters are now set to equal the main diameter during centerline calculation from models.

Check.jpg NEW: Added to the Popup Menu to Synchronize End Diameters with Main Diameter

The pop up menus for the Part Setup menu (STEP and LASER modes) now allow for the end diameters to be synchronized with the main diameter.

Password for Installation

The installation password for version 1.93 can be obtained from Dawne Baker at

See the knowledgebase page for details.

Download Section

Download the FULL INSTALL VTube-STEP version 1.93 setup file.