Software Maintenance

Latest Release: v2.9.2 - Build 109 - December 12, 2017

Version 1.86 - January 20, 2014

About this Update

  • More optimizations are added that make VTube faster.

  • The most recently used project file open and save paths are now stored and used for future opens and saves.

  • The radius calculation is repaired in the 180 degree Split Bend logic.

  • The Comment editor cancel button now works properly.

  • The automatic enable/disable for the control buttons now works properly during the model collection process.

Password for Installation

The installation password for version 1.86 can be obtained from Dawne Baker at

See the knowledgebase page for details.

Download Section

Download the FULL INSTALL VTube-STEP version 1.86 setup file.
Download the VTube-STEP Manual file version 1.78 (zip).