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Measure tube with a FARO arm - correct benders

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Rock-solid extraction of centerlines from solid models

Send SolidWorks tube shapes to benders

Build automated full-scale templates for inspection

Super flexible reverse calc to XYZ from 12 kinds of bender data

What's new as of
September, 2014

VTube-LASER and FARO -
Measure Tube and Correct Benders the Easy Way

can store every measured tube set in the new Tube Data Storage.
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Watch the video to see how easy it is to measure a tube using VTube-LASER and a FARO Technologies arm.

NEW: Version 6 of the FARO Scanner Released
The new FARO ScanArm HD measuring center uses a redesigned Laser Line Probe scanner that doubles the performance from the previous version and allows for scanning parts with reflective surfaces.  This scanner is highly recommended for use with VTube-LASER.
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