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TubeCAD Pro v8 Demo Copy

TubeCAD Pro v8

The setup program contains a demo copy of Tubecad pro v8.

The demo version can be used without a hardware key. It uses constant (unchangeable) values for the tube centerline. All other features are enabled.

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See TubeCAD building a SolidWorks tube in these videos:


Produce tube-layouts with complex views in only minutes.

Build models to SolidWorks.

Export data to Excel files.


Version 8 - July 1, 2013
NEW FEATURE: Seamlessly Build
Models to SolidWorks
(See the YouTube video demo here)


This is a sample TubeCAD Layout. Layouts have several components that are drawn automatically for you: Orthographic views, true bends, rotation views, charges, and even auxiliary views. (Click on the image to see it closeup.)

FAST TUBE LAYOUT How quickly can your CAD department draw a tube fabrication layout? Does a complete layout of a 15 bend tube drawn in AutoCAD or CADKEY take five or more hours to build? TubeCAD can create the same layout in 30 minutes or less without errors. That's a ten-fold speed improvement with an increase in data integrity. In fact, we invite you to allow us to test the speed of TubeCAD with one of your tube prints. The layout we draw for you will contain at least multiple centerline views of the tube with either an OD outline or 3-D ODMESH, true bend views, rotation views, and chart. So, how can TubeCAD draw layouts so quickly?  

PARAMETRIC TUBE LAYOUT Ever since we released TubeCAD in 1985 (then through Cone & Cone), TubeCAD's driving philosophy has been automation of the layout process. General CAD packages provide basic drawing tools for all types of engineers with powerful editing and modification features. But, by their very nature, they cannot provide extreme automation for very specific processes like tube fabrication and tube layout production unless someone takes the time to write page after page of code that explains it to them.

In other words, AutoCAD, CADKEY and other general CAD packages have little intrinsic knowledge of a tube shape. This is where TubeCAD takes over. It knows only tube shapes, and it knows them very well.

CENTERLINE TUBE VIEWS For example, how quickly can a CAD operator draw a 10 bend tube centerline as specified in your customer's print, and have a multiple view tube displayed on the screen complete with an outer diameter? If the operator is fast, it will probably take an hour in a good CAD program. TubeCAD can create 3 orthographic views with a 3D outer diameter as quickly as you can type in the coordinates (about 5 to 10 minutes).
TRUE BEND VIEWS Another example is True Bend views. How long does it take to draw 10 of them in your CAD package? (It takes a while in AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, or even Inventor.) After the coordinates are entered, TubeCAD draws 10 True Bend views in less than 1 second.

And these true bend views are smart. They know, for example when to flip over so that the preceding leg to the bend is moving above (and not below) the plane of the layout.

Each true bend shows an unlimited number of preceding and following legs in the tube. BlockUp labels can be switched ON anywhere in the true views.

Each true bend view includes text labels describing the numerical values for that true bend.

ROTATION VIEWS It takes another split second to draw either a complete rotation clock (left or right hand), or rows and columns of individual Rotation Views. (These views show the twist angle between bend planes.)
BLOCKUP LABELS It may take a few weeks or more to get your regular gauge from the gauge builder. While you're waiting for the gauge, you can use TubeCAD Blockup labels to make a full-scale layout an instant gauge. Blockup labels show the distances from the bottom of each straight down to a base plane.
CHART VIEW The chart view allows you to display data in report format on your layout. There are over 50 different data styles available for use in the TubeCAD charts and reports.

View an Adobe PDF file of sample charts

HEADER VIEW To finish the layout, select the location using the mouse for the large header label that shows various data about the layout in large font, like the part number, customer name, etc.
AUTOMATICALLY TRANSFER TO  AUTOCAD Type ACAD to transfer the layout to any version of AutoCAD. Then plot the drawing.


More Information

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