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Make measuring the tube easier by elevating the arm on our riser. FARO ScanArm RISER System for VTube


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About VTube-LASER

Measuring Tube and Pipe the Easy Way with FARO Arms
Customers tell us VTube-LASER is the easiest and most productive tube measuring software system available anywhere.

Advanced Tubular has raised the bar for tube measuring by using decades of experience to create measuring center software that is unlike anything you've ever seen before.

We've joined with FARO to provide a completely new design of tube measurement.  FARO is the world leader in market share for articulated arms - and they are our exclusive distributor for North and South America.

This system is fine-tuned for a single purpose - to measure tube shapes for tube qualification and bender correction.

We've hidden the complexity under-the-hood so that setup technicians don't have to stress over unneeded details required in other systems.

Distributor for North and South America

Distributor for the United Kingdom

Learn About the new unique
DCF (Dual Cylinder Fit) feature in version 2.8

April 19, 2017 - The unique DCF engine ensures repeatability by measuring the tube twice when you measure it the first time.

VTube-LASER Customers

High-Performance Automotive Exhaust
Holley MSD uses VTube-LASER to develop and reverse-engineer prototype header and exhaust pipes for their premium Hooker Blackheart Speed Exhaust product line.

DCP (Diameter Cut Plane)
Since they measure assembled headers with VTube-LASER, Holley MSD makes extensive use of the DCP measurement feature. DCP automatically removes other objects from the scan data near the tube being measured. See the DCP knowledgebase page for details.

Since their VTube-LASER is connected to an Eaton Leonard LightSpeed-controlled bender, they can send new parts to the bender from solid models without manually keying in bender data. They also correct the bender using VTube-LASER communications.

After reverse-engineering, they build the tube shapes to fully-parametric SOLIDWORKS sketches for documentation. See the "Building Tube Assemblies in SOLIDWORKS" knowledgebase page for more information. Also, see the video where we show how to "Reverse Engineer to SOLIDWORKS in Less than 60 Seconds".

Motorcycle Aftermarket Exhaust
VTube-LASER is used to develop and reverse-engineer prototype exhaust pipes for motorcycles.

Vance & Hines uses VTube-LASER to measure pipe and exhaust shield prototypes then automatically build them to fully-parametric SOLIDWORKS sketches to save time.

VTube-LASER is used to reverse-engineer tube shapes from planes for retrofit. See the FARO blog for details of the British Airways application.

VTube-LASER is also used at US-based airlines for the same purpose.

Military Aerospace
VTube-LASER is used to measure and qualify tube fabrications by Hill Air Force Base - a leading metrology facility for the USAF that verifies or reverse-engineers tube shapes for USAF applications.
UAV Aerospace
VTube-LASER is used to inspect tubes for military drones. Sometimes these tubes are longer than the reach of the arm, so this customer uses the easy Leapfrog capability of VTube-LASER.
VTube-LASER is used to check the hydraulic lines for excavators. The tubes usually have yellow or black surface coating.
Truck Frames
METALSA uses VTube-LASER to measure pre-hydroformed truck frames to adjust benders so that the pipe fits into pre-crush presses.
Truck and Bus Exhaust
MEC Inc. uses VTube-LASER to measure and qualify tube shapes for the large truck industry. This image shows their large YLM bender - which VTube-LASER connects to for automatic correction.
Truck Fuel and Brake Lines
VTube-LASER is used to measure tube for the large truck industry. This customer replaced a MM5000 measuring center with a FARO-VTube-LASER system to adjust a bank of benders that are connected directly to VTube-LASER.
VTube-LASER measures tubes for the mining industry. This customer measures very long large diameter pipe on the shop floor
Undersea Oil
VTube-LASER is used to measure tubing that surrounds undersea oil caps with hundreds of hydraulic lines.


VTube-LASER Videos

Reverse Engineering a tube to build in SOLIDWORKS is easy.
Video 60: VTube-LASER's Unique DCP (DIAMETER CUT PLANE) Tutorial
Video 53: Introductory Training in VTube-LASER Version 2
See a quick video demonstrating VTube-LASER measuring event sounds in version 2.2
See how VTube-LASER handles 180-degree bends with the SPLIT BEND feature


See more videos in the knowledgebase.