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Hardware Key Logo

Why do we use hardware keys with our software?

    We feel that hardware keys are the best way for us to control the licensing of our software.

    Here is a general list of the alternatives in licensing software:

Alternatives in License Control

    Software Key Licensing

    This scheme modifies your hard disk with some encrypted code to access regularly. The disadvantages of this licensing system are:

      1. It is too intrusive. We object to software doing these kinds of cryptic low-level manipulations on our hard drive, so we won't do it to yours.

      2. It is "locked" to a single hard drive or CPU. Computers are replaced, and (even worse), hard drives fail. When a hard drive fails, then the key is lost. Moving the software key from one hard drive to another is a hassle.

    Call-In Licensing

    This scheme requires you to call the vendor to get a special number every time an installation is performed. The disadvantages of this licensing system are:

      1. You must call the vendor when he is available. If you need to install the software when the software vendor is closed, you'll just have to wait until the next day.

      2. While you're on the phone, you will have to justify the new installation to the vendor.

      3. The vendor must be in business. Not being able to use your software because the software supplier is no longer in business is plainly unacceptable. (We plan on staying in business, but we are not so presumptuous as to guarantee our company presence will out-last your use of the software!)

    Hardware Keys

      1. They are not intrusive to your hard disk.

      2. They don't require our presence for reinstallation.

      3. They allow you to make as many copies of our software as you like. (You can install a copy of our software to all your computers. You can even give copies of our software to others as they serve as demos.)

      4. They are easy to move from one system to another. (This is also its potential weakness. Sufficient precautions against theft are a good idea. See the AladdinCARD option below.)

    Hardware Key Options

    We use hardware keys manufactured by Aladdin Knowledge Systems LTD. Their keys are referred to as the "HASP" hardware keys. There are three types of HASP keys that we use.

      1. TimeHASP: Time-Limited Hardware Key This key allows you to test our software for limited amount of time. It contains a clock and a calendar that lets our software know the exact date and time independently of any other computer's clock. All of our software recognizes this key. (This key is also used for our lease option.)

      2. MemoHASP: Time-Unlimited Hardware Key This key is for customers who purchase a full license to be used on one workstation at any given time. Each key contains information about your specific license including the serial number and software version level.

      3. NetHASP: Network Time-Unlimited Hardware Key This key is like a MemoHASP, but only a single network key is required to activate our software from any station on a network. Installed on the server or a network station, the key manages concurrent network use of our software.

      Protocols supported include SPX/IPX, NetBIOS and TCP/IP, under Windows NT/95/3.x, DOS, OS/2 and NetWare. NetHASP supports NetWare, LAN Manager, LAN Server, Lantastic, Banyan Vines, plus WANs and inter-linked LANs.

    The AladdinCARD Option

    The Optimal Solution
    for Connecting
    Hardware Keys
    to Your PC

    AladdinCARD is a special parallel card that fits into a standard PC expansion slot, letting you install one or more protection keys safely inside your PC.

    The cards can be ordered from Advanced Tubular Technologies or directly from Aladdin Knowledge Systems LTD.

    AladdinCARD's advantages include:

    • No threat of loss or removal of the key.
    • No long chain of keys behind your PC.
    • No printer connection problems.

    The AladdinCARD is also a regular parallel printer card, with customizable LPT and IRQ settings.