Software Maintenance

Latest release: v2.9.2.109, December 12, 2017

Diameter Cut Plane (DCP)

Introduced in the July 26, 2016, release of VTube-LASER v2.6, VTube now has powerful Cut Plane technology that allows the user to automatically remove unwanted surfaces and objects from the scan data.

Download our DCP datasheet here.

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Video 59: Diameter Cut Plane - Quick Demo 

        This video shows what you can do with the DCP (Diameter Cut Plane) feature added in version 2.6. With DCP, even if the laser stripe crosses multiple straights at the same time, it finds and keeps the closest one on-the-gly. It even filters out non-diameter objects that are behind the top diameter.


Video 60: Diameter Cut Plane - Quick Tutorial

         Michael Cone explains the concept behind the DCP (Diameter Cut Plane) feature and demonstrates how it works. This is a new innovation added in version 2.6.