Software Maintenance

Latest release: v2.9.2.109, December 12, 2017

Version 1.87 - February 25, 2014

NEW: UNISCAN Tube Scanning Method

  • This is a new kind of scanning that makes VTube-LASER even easier to use.  It allows you to make a single sweep scan of every straight.

NEW: Quick Load Project Window

  • This makes projects easier to use by replacing the standard Windows Open Dialog.  Text is bigger and easier to read.  A quick search box makes finding a file inside thousands of files quick.

NEW: Cylinder Laser Spike Filter

  • Remove spiking laser points from tube measurement automatically.   This is especially useful on highly reflective tube at the point on the tube where the tube is closest to the scanner camera.


NEW: Automatic Remeasure at Cylinder Fit Error

  • Previous versions of VTube would always ask for the user to answer questions in a dialog when cylinder fit errors occur. This new version of VTube can automatically ask the user to remeasure.

Video of New Features
See the YouTube video of the new features.

Password for Installation

The installation password for version 1.87 can be obtained from Dawne Baker at

See the knowledgebase page for details.

Download Section

Download the FULL INSTALL VTube-LASER version 1.87 setup file.

Download the FULL INSTALL VTube-LASER Programmer version 1.87 setup file.

Download the VTube-LASER Manual file for version 1.78 (zip).

Download the VTube-STEP Manual file version 1.78 (zip).