Software Maintenance

Latest release: v2.9.2.109, December 12, 2017

Version - August 28, 2012

Added support for Chinese and other non-English languages.  If you have already installed 1.77, then you can save time by downloading the Executable-only upgrade installation below.  See the knowledgebase page for details.

  • Download the EXECUTABLE-ONLY upgrade for VTube-LASER version setup file if you have already installed version 1.77.  This will install only the new executable.

  • Download the FULL INSTALL VTube-LASER version 1.77.4 setup file.  This is appropriate if you have any version earlier than 1.77 installed.
  • Download the VTube-LASER Manual file for version 1.77.2 (zip).

  • Download  the VTube-STEP Manual file version 1.77.2 (zip).