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  • The Benderlink for VELOG 98/NT/2000 software package is designed to allow the Supravision-based tube measuring centers and other remote computers to communicate with benders which have a EATON LEONARD VELOG or EATON LEONARD PREMIERE control.

  • It installs and runs on the Supravision-based tube measuring center, always ready to perform communications in the background.

  • The software monitors for instructions from the measuring center, then performs the appropriate data conversion and translation automatically.

  • The software is fully configurable for different setups in a tab-menu setup page that is easy to use.

  • System Features

    System Requirements

    • Can installs directly to a Supravision-based measuring center.

    Software License Price

    United States Purchases

    ** Please consult our On-line store for latest prices **

    Test Kit License:
    ** Please consult our On-line store for latest prices **

    This is a 30-day test kit that includes CD and hardware key for enabling the license for testing. (credit card only please)

    Note: This kit does not include the electronics kit below. This is for customers that already have current loop converters.

    Click here to view an illustrated document that guides you through installation, setup, and bender communications test. (1.24 MB PDF document)

    Single Bender Electronics Kit - Current Loop Converter and Cable:

    ** Please consult our On-line store for latest prices **

    This includes a current loop converter and cable for connection between a Supravision-based measuring center and a VELOG-based bender.

    International Purchases

    Please contact an international dealer or Advanced Tubular for a price

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    TRADEMARK NOTICE: "V-LOG" and "VELOG" are trademarks and property of Eaton Leonard Robolix. The "Benderlink for VELOG" is software owned solely by Advanced Tubular Technologies, Inc.

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