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Yes - It's Really Free

    Why would any software company give away software for free?

    We want increase our name recognition in the tube fabrication market, and I feel that this is the best way to do it. This program can be thought of as our electronic "business card". So, feel free to copy the software and pass it along to your friends and colleagues. If they have access to the web, then please let them know that this software is available for downloading without charge.

    The calculator contains a set of hard-to-find math tools that are used often by tube fabrication engineers. Our plan is to on adding new features to this program from time to time, so you may want to check our web site periodically for the ATT Calculator version. Every time we add new features, we will also increase the version number so you can know if you need to perform a new download. We want your suggestions for future versions, so please let us know if you have ideas for new features.

    Finally, in order to give credit where credit is due, I want to publicly thank Rod Malone (TRU-VAL TUBING, Waterford, Michigan) for giving me the idea for this calculator.

    Michael B. Cone


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Tube Flattening Calculator

    A new Tube Flattening section has been added to the Advanced Tubular Technologies Calculator. It is designed to aid tube and pipe fabricators in determining how to set up tooling to create a flattened area on a tube.

Right Triangle Angle Calculator

    The Right Triangle Angle Calculatorallows you to enter the two base lengths of a right triangle to calculate the angle nearest base A and the hypotenuse length. (The hypotenuse of a right triangle is the leg that spans at an angle from point 1 of base A to point 2 of base B.)


Foot-Inch Sum Calculator

    The Foot-Inch Sum Calculator allows you to add multiple distances in the Foot-Inch-Fraction format without the hassle of making the different distance units common. (Click on the image of the Foot-Inch Sum page to see a close-up of the image.)

    Using the Calculator
    To use this calculator, enter the WHOLE FOOT, WHOLE INCH, and FRACTIONAL INCH values, then press the PLUS (+) button to add the positive value of your distance in the list. The NEGATIVE (-) button is used to add the negative value of your entry in the list.

    As you add values to the page, the calculator automatically sums all the values in the list and gives the answer in the lower box. The answer is given using the lowest denominator value possible (for example, 1' 6-2/16" is always changed to 1' 6-1/8" ).

    Controlling the Sum List
    The three buttons, Delete Row, Clear List, and Edit Value are used to control the list of values.

    • Use Delete Row to delete a value from the list.
    • Use Clear List to clear all values in the list to start over.
    • Use Edit Value to place a list value in the edit boxes for editing and re-use.

    The program can also adjust the list by using a pop up menu that is displayed by right clicking on the sum list.

    Controlling the Answer
    The fractional accuracy of the answer can be controlled by adjusting the Greatest Denominator radio buttons. For example, if the greatest denominator is set to "16", then the answer will never include fractional values of 32 or 64. The answer adjusts automatically as soon as you choose a new radio button.

Foot-Inch Sum

Tangent Distance Calculator

The tangent distance is the distance from the tangent point of a bend to its intersection point. Click on the image of the Tangent Distance page to see a close-up of the image. The image will visually demonstrate the tangent distance.

The calculator uses the Radius and Bend Angle values to calculate the tangent distance value immediately.


Arc Length Calculator

    The arc length is the length of an arc of a bend. Click on the image of the Arc Length page to see a close-up of the image.

    The calculator uses the Radius and Bend Angle values to calculate the arc length value immediately.


Conversion Calculator

The Conversion Calculator converts values from one unit to another using a pre- programmed multiplier value.

To convert from millimeters to inches, select the Millimeters to Inches conversion from the pull-down list and then enter a value in the "From Millimeters" box. The conversion value is displayed immediately in the "To Inches" box.

Click on the image of the Conversion Page to see a close-up of the screen image.

This version of the program is pre-loaded with 102 conversions.

In this version of the calculator, conversion data can now be loaded from data files organized by type like distance, volume, weight, pressure, etc. You can even save a group of your favorite conversions to your own file. If you don't find the conversion that you need, then you can add it to the list and store it in whichever conversion data file is most appropriate.

Right Triangle Base Calculator 1

The first Right Triangle Base Calculator calculates the values of the two bases of the triangle given the hypotenuse length and the hypotenuse angle.

Click on the image of the Right Triangle Base 1 page to see a close-up of the screen image.

Right Triangle Base Calculator 2

The second Right Triangle Base Calculator calculates the values of the hypotenuse and one of the bases of the triangle given the other base value and the adjacent angle.

Click on the image of the Right Triangle Base 2 page to see a close-up of the screen image.


Windows Calculator

The Calculator page has the same functionality as the normal Windows calculator

Have you ever needed a calculator "right now", but left yours in the brief case, in the car?

Click on this page and use the Advanced Tubular Technologies calculator or load the standard Windows calculator.

Click on the image of the Windows Calculator page to see a close-up of the screen image.

Standard Windows Commands

    Every calculated value in the ATTCalc program can be copied to the Windows clipboard so that it can be used in other Windows programs.

    Also, using the clipboard, you can solve for a value in Millimeters and then copy the result value to the Conversion page for conversion to Inches, or Feet, or whatever.

    • To COPY a value, select that value using the mouse or the shift key and then press Ctrl-C.

    • To PASTE a value to a box, select the edit box where the value is to be placed and then press Ctrl-V.

    • To CUT a value in an edit box, select the value and press Ctrl-X.

    • DOUBLE-CLICK on a value to select a word in an edit box automatically

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